Josie McIntyre

Compiled by Martin McGinley. Uploaded on 6.10.20

The traditional music session in the Central Bar in Raphoe on a Wednesday night in the late 1970s and 1980s counted musicians from Derry and Tyrone among its regulars.

Josie McIntyre from Derry was an occasional visitor to the traditional music scene – he was much better known as a jazz trumpeter. He was a cousin of another well-known Derry jazz musician, Gay McIntyre.

Josie was on fiddle on the occasion of a visit to the traditional session in the Central Hotel in Raphoe in the late 1970s. He was in the company of Johnny Crampsie from Strabane, also on violin and also a jazzer, on saxophone and clarinet.  

Kathleen McGinley made a recording of Josie and Johnny trading solos and occasionally duetting on Irish airs such as ‘Danny Boy’. 

Writing about jazz in City of Music: Derry’s Music Heritage, Paul Cutliffe says: “Josie was another excellent musician to come from the McIntyre family. Such was his talent that he recorded with the London Philharmonic. As a member of the Sid Phillips Band, one of the finest of its kind in Europe, he also played regularly for the Queen.”


Joe McIntyre – Skaters’ Waltz