Danny O’Donnell’s Bean ag Baint Duilisc


DannyO’Donnell’s CD Bean ag Baint Duilisc

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  1. Crónán Na Máthar/The Glengesh 
  2. The Laird O’ Thrums/MacKenzie Hay 
  3. The Moving Clouds 
  4. Francie Dearg’s/Connie Galagher’s 
  5. Coinlach Ghlas An Fhómhair/Gan Ainm 
  6. The Broken Bridge/The Low Level 
  7. Cahir Rua Of Cavan/The Mint In The Corn/Gan Ainm 
  8. Gan Ainm/Neil Doherty’s 
  9. Winter Night Schottische 
  10. The Wounded Hussar/King George IV 
  11. Biddy O’ Bearnas/Miss Baskin 
  12. Tiarna Mhuigh Eo /Jenny Jumped Over The Wall 
  13. The Golden Eagle/Gan Ainm 
  14. The Duchess’ Slipper/Neil Gow’s Wife/The Earl Of Dalkieth 
  15. Rakish Paddy/The Blacksmith’s Fancy/The Blacksmith’s Anvil 
  16. Charlie O’Neill’s/The Bluestack
  17. The Lancer’s/Bean Ag Baint Duilisc 
  18. The Blackbird/The Irish Washerwoman 
  19. The Cashmere Shawl/Sportin’ Belles/Neil Doherty’s 
  20. The Teelin/The Teelin 
  21. The Brown Braes Of Fintown/The Friendly Visit 
  22. Miss McCleod’s/John Doherty’s Rambles