Seamus Grant Traditional Fiddle Music From Inishowen


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Track 1 Paddy In London/The Scotsman Over The Border/Hrtigan’s Fancy (Jigs)
Track 2 George Owen’s/Orange And Blue (Strathspeys)
Track 3 Mrs Kenny’s Waltz (Waltz)
Track 4 The High Level (Hornpipe)
Track 5 If There Weren’t Any Women In The World (Barndance)
Track 6 The Blackthorn Stick/The Geese In The Bog (Jigs)
Track 7 Dark Inishowen (Air)
Track 8 St. Anne’s/The Geese In The Bog (Jigs)
Track 9 The Derry/Newcastle (Hornpipes)
Track 10 The East Coast/East York Jig (Jigs)
Track 11 Our Highland Queen (Air)
Track 12 Willie Hunter’s Compliments to Dan R. MacDonald/Stirling Castle (Strathspeys)
Track 13 King’s Fancy/The Hawk (Jigs)
Track 14 First Century (Reel)
Track 15 Poor Girl Waltz (Waltz)
Track 16 Arthur’s Seat/Eugene Straton’s (Hornpipes)
Track 17 The Spey In Spate/Archie Menzies’ (Reels)