The Brass Fiddle Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal


The Brass Fiddle Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal
Artists include:
Vincent Campbell
Con Cassidy
James Byrne
Francie Byrne

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Track 1 Muilleann na Maidí (Reel)
Track 2 Vincent Campbell’s Mazurkas (Mazurkas)
Track 3 The Marine (Marine)Played by Con Cassidy
Track 4 Drowsy Maggie (Reel)
Track 5 Doodely Doodely Dank (Slip Jig)
Track 6 The Frost is all Over (Double Jig)
Track 7 The Low Highland (Highland) Played by Francie Byrne
Track 8 Mary o’ the Wisp (Reel)
Track 9 King George IV (Highland)
Track 10 Bagpipe March (March)
Track 11 The Wild Irishman (Reel) Played by James Byrne
Track 12 Johnny Boyle’s Jig (Double Jig)
Track 13 Biddy from Muckross (Reel) Played by Vincent Campbell
Track 14 Jackson’s and Bean a’ Tí ar Lár (Reel)
Track 15 The Lancers (Lancers)
Track 16 Johnny Ward’s and Paddy Bartley’s (Highlands) Played by Con Cassidy
Track 17 Las Marseillaise (March)
Track 18 Miss Drummond of Perth (Highland)
Track 19 Rakish Paddy (Reel) Played by Francie Byrne
Track 20 The Cat that Kittled in Jamie’s Wig (Highland)
Track 21 The Kilcar Mazurka (Mazurka)
Track 22 On the Road from Glen to Carrick (Reel) Played by James Byrne
Track 23 The Old Wheel of Fortune (Reel)
Track 24 James Byrne’s Mazurka (Mazurka)
Track 25 Séamus Ó Beirn’s Highland (Highland)
Track 26 Rí Mhín na Saileach and The Curly Haired Boy (Reels)