The Road To Glenlough James Byrne


The Road To Glenlough
James Byrne

Traditional Fiddle Music From Glencolmcille

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Track 1 Con McGinley’s (Reel)
Track 2 Paddy Hiúdaí’s Jigs (Slip Jig and Double Jig)
Track 3 An Londubh (Air)
Track 4 The Fickle Lad (Jig)
Track 5 The Wild Irishman (Reel)
Track 6 Muineál a’ Bhardail (Reel)
Track 7 The Road to Glenlough (Waltz)
Track 8 The Devil’s Dream (Reel)
Track 9 McConnell’s (Barndance)
Track 10 John Byrne’s (Jig)
Track 11 The Glory Reel (Reel)
Track 12 Jig na Mire (Jig)
Track 13 Jimmy Lyons’s (Highlands)
Track 14 Johnny Boyle’s (Jig)
Track 15 Mick Carr’s (Barndances)
Track 16 Tripping Upstairs (Reel)
Track 17 Seán Parnell’s (Reel)
Track 18 Maidin Fhómhair (Air)
Track 19 Mick Carr’s Highlands (Highlands)
Track 20 The Heather Breeze (Reel)
Track 21 The Sportin’ Belles (Reel)
Track 22 Dúlamán na Binne Buidhe (Highland)
Track 23 Ríl na Drithloeg (Reel)