Con Cassidy Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal



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Track 1 Con Cassidy’s Jig (Double Jig)
Track 2 The Low Highland (Highland)
Track 3 The Lazy Dog (Highland)
Track 4 La Marseillaise (March)
Track 5 Parnell’s (March)
Track 6 The Frost is all Over (Double Jig)
Track 7 The Rakes of Clonmel & Old Man Dillon (Double Jigs)
Track 8 The Speaking Waltz (Waltz)
Track 9 Gallagher’s (March)
Track 10 Untitled (Mazurka)
Track 11 Lad O’Beirne’s (Hornpipe)
Track 12 Con Talks About Starting To Play The Fiddle (Talk)
Track 13 McFarley’s (Duet with Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh) (Reel)
Track 14 Con tells the story behind Taibhse Chonaill (Talk)
Track 15 Taibhse Chonaill (Single Jig)
Track 16 Con talks about local musicians in Teileann (Talk)
Track 17 Untitled Slip Jig (Slip Jig)
Track 18 An Mhalaidh Gharbh (Highland)
Track 19 Miss Ramsey’s (Highland)
Track 20 My Love is in America (Reel)
Track 21 My Love She’s but a Lassie yet (Lancer)
Track 22 Maude Millar’s (Highland)
Track 23 Untitled Highland (Highland)
Track 24 The Green Mountain (Reel)
Track 25 Untitled Barndance (Barndance)
Track 26 Dúlamán na Binne Buidhe (Highland)
Track 27 Untitled Highland (Highland)
Track 28 The Ewe with the Crooked Horn (Highland)
Track 29 Untitled Barndance (Barndance)
Track 30 The Copper Plate (Reel)
Track 31 Con talks about Séamus Ennis (Talk)
Track 32 Francie Byrne’s (Duet with Dermot McLaughlin) (Reel)
Track 33 Petronella (Duet with Dermot McLaughlin) (Lancer)
Track 34 Cuffe Street (Duet with Dermot McLaughlin) (Reel)
Track 35 Con talks about his fiddle playing (Talk)
Track 36 Seán sa Cheo (Reel)