Danny Meehan Drimalost and Beyond (2 CD’s)


Danny Meehan Drimalost and Beyond (2 CD’s)
Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal

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CD 1
Track 1 The Slieve League/Tobin’s
Track 2 The Tinware Lass
Track 3 The Sailors/The Sailor On The Rock
Track 4 Rocking The CradleTrack
5 James Gannon’s/The Belle Of The Ball
Track 6 Biddy From Muckross
Track 7 Danny Talks About Sunday’s At Home
Track 8 The Snowy Breasted Pearl/Kate Dalrymple
Track 9 Jackson’s Morning Brush /The Mouse In The Cupboard
Track 10 The Godfather/The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Track 11 Polly Pluck
Track 12 Polly Pluck/Bonnie Kate
Track 13 The Return To Laghey
Track 14 Orange And Blue/The Fairy
Track 15 Rory O’MoreTrack 16 The Tarbolton
Track 17 The Bold Robert Emmet/The Blackbird
Track 18 Johnny Gorman’s
Track 19 When Pat Came Over The Hill/The Lisheen
Track 20 Tandem Reefer Randy/Paddy’s Trip To Scotland
Track 21 Michéal Cherry’s
Track 22 Lament For Napoleon/George Williamson’s
Track 23 The Curly Haired BoyTrack 24 Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh
Track 25 Tommy Hill’s Favourite/Ó’Beirne’s
Track 26 The Sunshine
Track 27 An Cailín Deas Crúite Na MBó/The Bonfire In The Border/The Mug Of Brown Ale
Track 28 Clark’s Highland Fling
Track 29 The Job Of JourneyworkTrack 30 Danny Remembers His Granny Susie
Track 31 Long German
Track 32 Johnny Cope
Track 33 Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be ?/Father O’Flynn
Track 34 The Flax In Bloom
Track 35 Whirl The Bucket About
CD 2
Track 1 Tom Ward’s Downfall/The Reel Of Mullinavat
Track 2 Paddy the Copper’s/Dublin Porter
Track 3 The West’s Awake/The Banks
Track 4 The Wheels Of The World
Track 5 Talk About Mc Dyer
Track 6 Anthony Kelly’s
Track 7 The Wexford Carol/Dowd’s Favourite
Track 8 Maggie Pickie
Track 9 The Irish Washerwoman
Track 10 The Ewe with The Crooked Horn/The Rakes of Kildare
Track 11 Danny Talks About Finding Music In London
Track 12 The Maid That Dare Not Tell
Track 13 William McGonagall’s/The Shaskeen
Track 14 The Dean Brig O’ Edinburgh/Highland/Hand Me Down The Tackle
Track 15 Charlie Lennon’s/The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife
Track 16 Danny Talks About His Father
Track 17 Killyburn Brae/Jackson’s Fancy
Track 18 Could You Want Any More/My Love Is In America
Track 19 The Wren’s
Track 20 Danny Talks About Hearing Coleman
Track 21 The Japanese
Track 22 The Geese In The Bog
Track 23 The Bunch Of Green Rushes
Track 24 Talk About Influences
Track 25 Rocking The Cradle
Track 26 Nora Crionna/Gan Ainm
Track 27 The Morning Bog
Track 28 The Dear Irish Boy
Track 29 The Cat That Kittled In Jamie’s Wig
Track 30 Sweeney’s Dream/The Moving Bog
Track 31 Johnny Meehan Sending A Message Home
Track 32 Miss MacLeod’s
Track 33 Fisherman’s Island
Track 34 Morrison’s/Sixpenny Money
Track 35 That’s Not The Way Paddy Played That!
Track 36 Molly Brannigan
Track 37 Paddy From Portlaw/Jackson’s Fancy
Track 38 The Teatotaller/The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife