Francis Curran (1910 – 2001)

(6th Jan 1910 – 5th June 2001)  Francie played the fiddle quite a bit in his youth and as a young man he was a frequent playing partner…

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Connie Haughey (1906 – 1999)

(8th December 1906 – 6th January 1999) Connie, or Connie Con Beag as he was better known, is remembered as one of the finest fiddlers of his generation…

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Francie Kelly (c.1878 – 1954)

Francie, a fiddle player was born and lived all his life at Leirg an Dachtáin. Like many of his generation in the Teileann area, he survived through fishing…

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Frank Cassidy (1900 – 1971)

(14th April 1900 – 9th March 1971) Like his two older brothers, Frank had a great pair of hands and an inventive mind. He is regarded as one…

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James Byrne (1915 – 1980)

(7th March 1915 – 22nd October 1980) James, known locally as Jim Phat James, was born in the townland of An Baile Mór but spent most of his…

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Jimmy Kelly (1887 – 1970)

(16th August 1887 – 1970) Jimmy was born at Leirg an Dachtáin but left the area at a relatively young age to work for the Monaghan family in…

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Mick McShane (1896 – 1969)

(23rd January 1896 – 11th November 1969) Mick, of Iomaire Mhuireanáin is remembered as a very fine fiddle player in a generation where the standard of playing was…

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Con Cassidy (1909-1994)


Con (6th July 1909 – 5th February 1994) a fiddler, was born and reared in Cruachlann, Teileann, where he was exposed to musical influences such as his cousins; John,…

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Michael Gallagher (1906 – 1986)


(13th December 1906 – 1st November 1986) Michael, or Mickey Golly as he was known locally, was from the townland of Rann na Cille, Teileann where he was…

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Peadar Ó Beirn (1900 – 1950)

Peadar Ó Beirn (Peadar Johnnie Johndie), was a lilter, singer and storyteller born and raised at Baile an tSruthain on the border of the townlands of Iomaire Mhuireanáin…

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