Eamonn Carr (1936 – 1987)

(22nd January 1936 – 29th August 1987)

Eamonn Carr

Eamonn was the second son of Mick and Mary Carr to pick up an instrument. He learned the melodeon from his father, and encouraged by his brother, Mícheál, he developed into a very fine player. His sister, Theresa, recalls that he often played in octaves with his father, sometimes for two hours or more after dinner on Sunday, with Mick on the fiddle and Eamonn on the box. In good weather they often played sitting outside on the ditch. Theresa remembers him as a lovely quiet player, who could play melodeon and sing simultaneously. Like Mícheál, he often played at dances in Mín an Aoire school organised by Father Mullan. The emigrant ship called Eamonn to England in 1956, where he was married to May and had one daughter, Geraldine. Eamonn regularly joined Mícheál for sessions in Gloucester, but died tragically at the age of 49.