Pádraig Molloy (1936 – 2016)

(17th March 1936 – 31st March 2016)

Pádraig Molloy

Pádraig, son of Barney and grandson of Bríanaí Mór, was born at Mín na Chearrbhaigh on Saint Patrick’s Day, 1936. He started playing at the age of eleven or twelve and one of his early playing partners was Mícheál Carr of Mín an Aoire, whose mother Mary was born and reared close to the Molloy house. He was also friendly with another fiddler, Con Sweeney of Srath Laoill Theas. Pádraig recalls learning tunes in a very natural way from his father, Barney and other local players such as Mick Carr. Regular visitors to the Molloy house included Paddy O’Gara and Patrick Doherty who would spend the night until morning playing and swapping tunes with Pádraig’s father. In the early 1950’s house dances were organised locally to raise money for the construction of a new chapel in Mín an Aoire. Admission was about four pence and Pádraig played regularly for these dances and remembers them fondly. He earned his living from weaving and it was difficult for him to catch the fiddle after spending a full day working the loom. In later years Pádraig started playing again and has passed on much of his repertoire to Derek McGinley also of Mín na Chearrbhaigh.

A jig performed by Pádraig Molloy