Patrick Gallagher (1916 – 2015) ; James Gallagher (1923 – )

Patrick Gallagher (8th July 1916 – August 2015 )
James Gallagher (6th January 1923 – )

James Gallagher Francis Byrne & Patrick Gallagher

James Gallagher Francis Byrne & Patrick Gallagher

Patrick was regarded as a sweet fiddler and a good dance player. He was born at Cró na Roda in 1916, the son of James, a fiddler and melodeon player, and Mary McCauley. Patrick’s younger brother, James was also a fiddler and bagpiper with the Saint Cartha’s Pipe Band. Patrick worked at building roads for the council, while also operating a small farm at Cró na Roda. His regular playing partner was the fiddler, Hughie O’Donnell from the neighbouring townland of Mín Uí Chanann. Patrick passed on the fiddle tradition to two of his grandchildren, Stephen and Claire Gallagher, who are fine fiddlers in their own right.

James Gallagher, younger brother of Patrick and son of James was born at Cró na Roda in 1923. He was a fiddler and a fine bagpiper, who dedicated much of his spare time to maintaining pipes and reed-making for the Saint Cartha’s Pipe Band. Indeed, it is said that without James’ ability as a reed-maker, the band may not have survived. He was very good with his hands, and a fine tradesman. Along with an older brother, Johnnie, he constructed many houses in Cill Charthaigh. He also worked as a weaver at the tweed factory in the village.

The Derry Hornpipe Performed by Patrick Gallagher

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