Peter Quinn (1924 – 1980)

Peter Quinn (left), with Jim Meehan [source: John Daly]

Peter Quinn was a fine sweet fiddler who put his own individual mark on various tunes which are still part of the tradition today. Peter was hugely influenced by the music of Charlie McCahill and indeed he regularly referred to the latter as ‘God’ McCahill. Peter served as a vital link between the repertoire and style of McCahill and younger players from the area including the Meehans of Drimalost. Donal Kelly recalls that he was fond of playing outside on the road, particularly after learning tunes off the radio. Jigs that he ‘picked up’ from the playing of Frank O’Higgins include ‘The maid at the spinning wheel’ and ‘Could you want any more’?

Danny Meehan playing ‘Could you want any more’ (jig) and ‘My love is in America’ (reel), both of which he learned from the playing of Peter Quinn.