Níl gar ann! Frank Cassidy


Níl gar ann! Played by Frank Cassidy (and in duet with John Doherty)

Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal

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Track 1 Tuam na Farraige (Hornpipe)
Track 2 Down the broom (Reel)
Track 3 The Pinch of Snuff (Reel)
Track 4 Tiarna Muigh Eo (Air)
Track 5 Tiarna Muigh Eo (Air)
Track 6 The Wedding Jig (Jig)
Track 7 Bonnie Kate (Reel)
Track 8 Crónán na Máthar (Air)
Track 9 Dark Loch na Gar (Air)
Track 10 Seamus Ennis recalls meeting Frank Cassidy (Speech)
Track 11 Cuffe Street (Reel)
Track 12 The Pinch of Snuff (Reel)
Track 13 The Irish Washerwoman (Jig)
Track 14 Introduction to Muineál a’Bhardail by Frank Cassidy (Speech)
Track 15 Muineál a’Bhardail (Reel)
Track 16 Myth Island (Air)
Track 17 Cuffe Street (Reel)
Track 18 The Japanese Hornpipe (Hornpipe)
Track 19 Con Cassidy talks about Frank Cassidy (Speech)
Track 20 Beautiful Ohio (Waltz)
Track 21 The Lark on the Strand (Jig)
Track 22 The Showman’s Fancy / Untitled (Hornpipes)
Track 23 Con Cassidy speaks about Frank Cassidy (Speech)
Track 24 The Blacksmith’s Fancy (Reel)
Track 25 Rakish Paddy (Reel)
Track 26 Dr Mc Closkey remembers Frank Cassidy (Speech)
Track 27 Tiarna Muigh Eo (Air)
Track 28 The Blackbird (Air)
Track 29 The Japanese Hornpipe (Hornpipe)
Track 30 The Mason’s Apron (Reel)
Track 31 Myth Island (Air)
Track 32 Come back to Erin (Air)
Track 33 Frank’s greeting to his sister Kate (Speech)
Track 34 Bonnie Kate (Reel)
Track 35 Crónán na Máthar (Air)