The Floating Bow John Doherty


The Floating Bow
John Doherty

Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal

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Track 1 The Spirits of Wine and Madame Bonaparte (Reels)
Track 2 The Further in the Deeper (March)
Track 3 An Chúilfhionn and The Flogging Reel (March and Reel)
Track 4 Drops of Brandy (Slip Jig)
Track 5 Miss Patterson’s Slipper (Reel)
Track 6 The Day I Listed and The Fantastic Reel (Air and Reel)
Track 7 Willie McLennan’s (March)
Track 8 The Lancers Jig and Gusty’s Frolics (Double Jig and Slip Jig)
Track 9 Tom Tailor’s (Highland)
Track 10 Scots Mary (Reel)
Track 11 The Sligo Maid’s Lament and Hand me Down the Tacke (Reels)
Track 12 The Eniskillen Dragoons, Nóra Críonna and Píobaire an Chéideadh (March, Jig and Reel)
Track 13 The Cameronian (Reel)
Track 14  Dúlaman na Binne Buí (Highland)
Track 15 Within a Mile of Dublin and Old Simon’s Hornpipe (Reel and Hornpipe)
Track 16 The Glenconwell Hornpipe (Hornpipe)
Track 17 The Mint in the Corn (Reel)
Track 18 The Highlanders and The Wind that Shakes the Barley (March and Reel)
Track 19 Seán sa Cheo (Reel) 
Track 20 King George IV (Strathspey)
Track 21 The Lancers Jig and The Silver Slipper (Double Jig and Slip Jig)
Track 22 The Mountain Road (Reel)
Track 23 The Braes of Maas (Highland)
Track 24 Bonnie Kate (Reel)
Track 25 Maidin Fhómhair and Miss McLeod (Air and Reel)