Phonsie Ward (1914 – 1993)

Alfonsus Ward

(2nd January 1914 – 12th November 1993)

Alfonsus or Phonsie, was born in An Charraig on 2nd January 1914. From a young age he developed a love for the Irish language, culture and history. He qualified as a primary school teacher in 1934 and taught in Cavan and Sligo before being appointed principal of the National School at An Charraig in 1953. In 1957 he married Noirín, with whom he had eight children. A gifted singer with a fine baritone voice, Phonsie’s repertoire included songs in both Irish and English. As a fiddle player he won medals at An t-Oireachtas and at various Feiseanna. His son Finian recalls that he played a very fine rendition of the strathspey, ‘Stirling Castle’. Phonsie was also a keen footballer, and played on both the Cavan and Donegal county teams.

A mazurka performed by Phonsie Ward