Con McGill (1912 – 1983)

(6th March 1912 – 5th August 1983)

Con McGill, Glengesh 1949

Con McGill, or Con Choit as he was known locally, was born at Mínte Seisce in the parish of Ard an Ratha in March 1912. He learned to play the melodeon as a boy and as a young man he often played at big nights in the locality. Con maintained that the best big night he ever played at was held in Mary Agnes Cannon’s house in Cróibh. He married Mary Molloy, Mín an Aoire, in 1947 and they settled for a short time in Gleann Geise before moving to ‘The Hill’ in Srath Laoill Theas, where they reared eight of a family. After the big nights came to an end, Con’s regular playing partner was his brother-in-law, Jimmy Neddie Boyle. Con’s grand-daughter, Claire Byrne of Teileann has continued on the accordion tradition and plays regularly at sessions and concerts in south-west Donegal.


Con McGill 1981