Francis Curran (1910 – 2001)

Francie Curran & Mary Agnes

(6th Jan 1910 – 5th June 2001) 

Francie played the fiddle quite a bit in his youth and as a young man he was a frequent playing partner of Jimmy Lyons. He married Mary Agnes O’Donnell from Baile na Móna in the neighbouring parish of Cill Charthaigh and they went on to have eleven children. Francie worked in the building trade and was a very fine plasterer. He served his time with J.W. Cunningham in An Charraig and afterwards worked with his brother, John, who was based in Na Gleanntaí. Francie generally left Teileann at 5a.m. on Monday mornings to cycle to Na Gleanntaí via Killybegs in winter time to avoid icy conditions, a distance of over twenty five miles and via Gleann Geise in better weather. Francie returned home every Friday night and looked after his small farm at weekends with his family. After some years of this schedule his transport changed to a motorbike and then to a car. However, time for fiddle playing was very limited. In later years he established his own business with help from his sons. There are no recordings of Francie’s music.