James Gallagher (Snr) (1800s)

James Gallagher (Snr) (1800s)

James Gallagher, a fiddler and melodeon player was the third generation of his family in Cró na Roda. His grandfather, Séamus originally came from Mínte Seasc in the parish of Inis Caoil, and earned his living as a tailor. James had a number of brothers in the USA, including Patrick, Condy and Johnny, some of whom played. His favourite tunes included the reels ‘The Heathery Cruach’ and ‘The Morning Dew’. James was married to Mary McCauley of Mín Uí Chanann, and they settled in the home house in Cró na Roda. Two of their sons, Patrick and James are fiddle players, and a daughter, Kitty was married to Francie Dearg Ó Beirn.