Jim Curran (1926 – 2003)

Jim Curran

(19th January 1926 – 26th September 2003) 

Jim, a nephew of Teileann fiddler, Connie Haughey, is rememberd as a melodeon player and later an accordionist from Málainn Bhig. He earned his living from both fishing and tending a small farm in Málainn Bhig where he was married to Kathleen and it was here that they reared a family of ten. Jim often played at the old time dances in Halla Mhuire which were organised by Father McDyer and held on various dates throughout the year in the 1950’s and 1960’s. He was often the only accordion player on stage among a sea of fiddlers, save perhaps for Bridget O’Gara, Garbhros. A regular playing partner of Jim’s was his next door neighbour and good friend, Paddy McIntyre, a fiddler. Paddy’s sister Mary was married to an uncle of another Teileann fiddler, Jimmy Lyons and they settled at the Waterside, Málainn Mhóir. Other musicians in the Málainn Bhig area at the time included Neil McGinley, a fiddler and the brothers, Christy and John Byrne, both fiddlers.