Jimmy Kelly (1887 – 1970)

Jimmy Kelly

(16th August 1887 – 1970)

Jimmy was born at Leirg an Dachtáin but left the area at a relatively young age to work for the Monaghan family in Drumkeelan, Mountcharles. He settled there and later married Margaret Haughey. Like other fiddlers of his generation such as Mick McShane, Jimmy was influenced by the playing of the travelling tinsmiths and fiddlers, Alec and Mickey McConnell. In his younger days he often played for weddings in An Charraig and also played with Mick McShane and Frank Cassidy at dances in the old Teileann school. He was very good with his hands and at one time made a tin fiddle, a skill he learned, perhaps, from the McConnells.