Michael Gillespie (c.1910 -1979)

Michael Gillespie

(c.1910 – 2nd November 1979)

Michael, or Mickey Mhuiris of Mín na Draighin was known locally as a melodeon player. His mother, Margaret Carr of Mín an Aoire was a sister of Mick Carr, the fiddler and melodeon player and Mick was a regular visitor to the Gillespie household. Mickey’s first wife, Máire McGill of An Machaire, Ard an Ratha, died tragically in childbirth. He later married Maggie Byrne of Coillte Feannaid and together they reared a large family. He was a close friend of Paddy Gillespie‘s of Mín na Croise, they often had informal sessions with Paddy on the fiddle and Mickey on the melodeon. They also played together at various school dances in the locality, including schools in Mín na Croise and Leac Chonail. Mickey was a very well read man who kept up to date with all the national and international news of the day.