Paddy Carr (d.1953)

Although he was born and reared in the townland of Lairg an Breac in the parish of Ard an Ratha, Paddy, a fiddler was strongly associated with local musicians in the neighbouring areas of An Srath Buí, Srath na gCartan and Na Mínte. Eddie O’Donnell, a nephew of Paddy’s recalls being at a big night in his house in the harvest of 1942. One local player in attendance that night was Colm Breslin, a melodeon player also of Lairg an Breac, who was a regular playing partner of Paddy’s. Known locally as ‘Paddy Ned Mháire’, he was a small set man, but a very neat and diligent worker on the farm. Eddie also recalls that he often argued with people for the devilment, for example maintaining that the sun revolves around the earth. Along with being a tidy worker, he is remembered as being a very neat fiddle player. A tune associated with Paddy has been passed on to the current generation of fiddlers by Con McGinley of Mín na Croise and Cheshire, and is still played at various sessions in the area.