Patrick Doherty (1905 – 1962)

(18th July 1905 – 18th June 1962)

Patrick Doherty was born and reared in a two-storey house on the roadside in the townland of Srath Laoill Theas, approximately half way between the village of An Charraig and Mín an Aoire. He never married and spent most of his life working the land where he helped his brother, Hugh. Patrick was regarded as a great fiddle player who played with a sweet tone and taught some local fiddle players such as Con Sweeney. His mother hailed from one of the most musical houses in Gleann Cholmcille, the O’Garas of Mín na bhFachrán. Patrick spent long periods of time there, staying with his uncle, the fiddler Denis O’Gara. Denis’ son Paddy who was very close to Patrick, passed some of his repertoire to the current generation of fiddle players. Patrick was also influenced by the music of Alec and Mickey McConnell which he picked up from his cousin, Johnny Boyle.

A barndance associated with Patrick, performed by Paddy O’Gara