Susan (Susie) McGroarty (1860 – 1946)

[source: John Daly]

Susie McGroarty came from a musical house in the area of Drumkeelan and her nephews, James and Phil McGroarty were both fine fiddle player. She married Peter Meehan in 1890 after he returned home from America and they set up home in Drimalost where they raised of six children. Susie was regarded as one of the finest lilters in the area and passed much of her music on to her immediate family and grandchildren.   She recalled travelling musicians and peddlers such as John Mhósaí McGinley of Gleann Cholm Cille, and the McConnell and Doherty familes coming to sharpen their tools at the local quarry in Drumkeelan. Indeed, Mickey McConnell was born in the kitchen of the Meehan house in Drimalost. They rarely  left without passing on a tune. Susie was also a fine singer of folk songs in English including ‘Johnny I hardly knew ya’ and ‘Broom green broom’.


Danny Meehan playing the polka ‘Tandem Reefer Randy’ that was lilted by his grandmother, Susie McGroarty, followed by the reel ‘Paddy’s trip to Scotland’.