Mick Carr (1896 – 1975)

(5th May 1896 – 30th March 1975) Mick Carr, a fiddle and melodeon player from Mín an Aoire was regarded as one of the most influential musicians in…

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John McGinley (John Mhósaí)

John McGinley, or John Mhósaí as he is widely known, is very much associated with the townland of Loch Inseach but was in fact born in Cill Fhathnaid…

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Andrew McGinley (1897 – 1934)

(29 April 1897 – 22 December 1934) Andrew (wee Andy) McGinley of Mín an Aoire was very highly regarded as a fiddle player. He formed an early playing…

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Phonsie Ward (1914 – 1993)

(2nd January 1914 – 12th November 1993) Alfonsus or Phonsie, was born in An Charraig on 2nd January 1914. From a young age he developed a love for…

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Patrick O’Byrne (1896 – 1967)

(26th June 1896 – 30th May 1967) Patrick (Paddy Hiudaí O’Byrne) of Mín na Croise, a first cousin of Con McGinley was born in 1896, the same year…

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Patrick Breslin (1897 – 1994)

(16th September 1897 – 9th December 1994) Patrick or ‘Paddy the Cooper’ as he was known locally, was born with a twin sister, Mary Ann in An Srath…

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Frank Cassidy (1900 – 1971)

(14th April 1900 – 9th March 1971) Like his two older brothers, Frank had a great pair of hands and an inventive mind. He is regarded as one…

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Con Cassidy (1909-1994)


Con (6th July 1909 – 5th February 1994) a fiddler, was born and reared in Cruachlann, Teileann, where he was exposed to musical influences such as his cousins; John,…

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