Condy McGinley (1873 – 1946)

Condy McGinley & James Patrick Boyle

Condy McGinley & James Patrick Boyle

(c.1873 – 13th January 1946)

Condy, or Condy Beag was the son of Condy and Bridget (nee McNelis), a lilter who married into Mín na Croise from a musical house in Dún Alt. Condy was of the older generation of fiddle players in the parish such as Paddy Bhillí na ropaí, Jimmy Bhidi Mhici and John Mhósaí McGinley. There was a close connection between Condy and the Mósaí McGinleys of Loch Inseach and a fiddle belonging to John Mhósaí was left to Condy after the great player died. He was married to Ellen Carr a dressmaker who came from Baile Mhic Pháidín in the parish of Cill Charthaigh. They had nine children, many of whom played the fiddle. Condy’s tunes were played and passed on by his son, Con McGinley.