Patrick Breslin (1897-1994)

Patrick, or ‘Paddy the Cooper’ as he was known locally, was born with a twin sister Mary Ann in Straboy (An Srath Buí).  Growing up there in the…

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Buíochas / Credits Na Mínte

Paddy Boyle Anthony Hiúdaí Byrne, Jimmy Carr, Michael Conaghan, Francie McGinley Paddy Breslin James Byrne, Jimmy Carr, Con McGinley, Nola Tanner Anthony Hiúdaí Byrne Máire Galvin, Kathleen O’Donnell,…

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James Byrne (1946 – 2008)

(4th January 1946 – 8th November 2008)   Without doubt, James Byrne (An Bheirneach) of Mín na Croise was one of the finest traditional fiddle players in Ireland….

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John McGinley (1892 – 1980)

(23rd July 1892 – 25th May 1980) John, better known as John Phadaí Chonchobhair, was regarded very highly as a fiddler both in his own townland of Mín…

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John Gillespie

John (Johnny Mhuiris) grew up in Mín an Draighin in the 1920s, a period when the local tradition was particularly strong. He may have been influenced by his…

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Anthony O’Byrne (1927-2001)

Anthony Hiúdai Byrne (1927-2001)

(18th February 1927 – 30th October 2001) Anthony Hiudaí was the eldest child of Paddy Hiudaí and Kate of Mín na Croise. Although leaving home at fourteen years…

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Condy McGinley (1873 – 1946)

Condy McGinley & James Patrick Boyle

(c.1873 – 13th January 1946) Condy, or Condy Beag was the son of Condy and Bridget (nee McNelis), a lilter who married into Mín na Croise from a…

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Con McGinley (1915 – 2013)

CON McGINLEY (16th July 1915 -)

(16th July 1915 – October 2013) Con, son of Condy, grew up at a time when the music tradition of Mín na Croise and Gleann Cholmcille was particularly…

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Paddy Boyle (c.1865 – 1951)

Paddy Boyle was born and raised in the townland of Coillte Feannaid some time in the mid 1860’s. As a young player he was influenced by both Anthony…

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Patrick Breslin (1897 – 1994)

(16th September 1897 – 9th December 1994) Patrick or ‘Paddy the Cooper’ as he was known locally, was born with a twin sister, Mary Ann in An Srath…

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