T.16 The Marine & John McGee’s (lancers / single jigs)

Two different versions of the first tune can be found each in the Croaghs and Gleann Cholm Cille. They, along with Jim’s version all differ in having the same part but completely different second parts. The name derives from the Marine Ballroom in Edinburgh where a Donegal dancing master was resident and devised the dance for his clientele. In Scotland it is known as The Braes of Argyll. The second tune takes its name from the fiddler and dancer John McGee from outside Pettigo who learned it from his father. It would appear to be old and travelled quite widely. It appears in a slide version in Sliabh Luachra as The Templeglantine Slideand is one of a number of melodies to which the Newfoundland song I’s the Boy that Builds the Boatis sung.