Jim Meehan (1903 – 1986)

Jim Meehan (right) with Patrick Monaghan c.1960s [source: John Daly]

Jim Meehan, a fiddler and melodeon player was born in 1903, the youngest child of Peter and Susie Meehan (née McGroarty). Jim was surrounded by a strong musical heritage, not least from his mother, Susie, but also from local fiddlers including Charlie McCahill, Paddy McDyer, John James Connaghan, Charile O’Neill, Frank Meehan and Peter Quinn. As the youngest in the family, Jim maintained the small family farm and in 1930 met and married Nan Sheerin, a melodeon player from the Doorin Line. Jim and Nan went on to have eleven children and their son, Danny perhaps gained most recognition as a fiddle player. Other family members who played included Kitty, Jimmy and Peter, while Rosabelle, the youngest in the family still plays the fiddle in local sessions. Charlie McCahill was a regular visitor to Meehan’s house and Jim was particularly fond of his playing. Indeed, Jim employed Paddy McDyer to carry out some carpentry work at the house in the 1930s and as a parting gift, Paddy crafted a beautiful wooden armchair that is still by the fireplace. The house has been tastefully maintained Jim’s son, Jimmy and serves as the centre of some great music gatherings today.


Danny Meehan referring to his father, Jim.

Danny Meehan playing the polka ‘Polly Pluck’ that he learned from his father, Jim.