Jimmy Kerrigan (b.1954)

[source: Máirín Kerrigan]

Jimmy Kerrigan is the youngest in the family and plays the melodeon. He married Geraldine Haughey, Kilcar (RIP) and they lived in Drimnaherk. They have three children, Irene, Laura and Ciaran. He is very enthusiastic about Irish music and is a lovely player with great rhythm. He learned tunes from his brothers, his sister Kathleen and sister in law, Rosabelle and Peter Quinn amongst many others. Jimmy’s second phase of music began when he married Bridget Devine, Castlederg and was influenced by players such as Frankie Devine and John McMenamin. He enjoys playing tunes such as Devenney’s Goat, The Home Ruler, the Kesh version of the Boys of Bluehill, The Money Musk, Saddle the Pony, The Rose in the Heather, The Silver Spear, The Maid behind the bar,  The Green Meadow and The Trip to Durrow.



Jimmy playing ‘Miss Ramsey’s highland’ & ‘The Money Musk’ [source: Máirín Kerrigan]