Jimmy McGinley (1879 – 1957)

(12th September 1879 – 8th May 1957)

Jimí Bhidí Mhicí

Jimí Bhidí Mhicí

Jimmy, better known as Jimmy Bhidi Mhici of Cionn na Coilleadh was regarded locally as a noted fiddle player and is particularly remembered for playing waltzes, some of which are still played as part of the tradition today. His two sisters, Biddy and Mary both played the fiddle. Jimmy married Maggie McGinley, Loch Dhoire Thoirc in 1920 and they went on to have ten of a family. He was the same generation as the Leslie brothers and James Lyons, and was taught and influenced by the playing of Paddy Boyle of Coillte Feannaid. His close playing partners included his old neighbour, Peter Ó hIghne, Mín na Draighin and Johnny Boyle of An Bhráid Íochtarach. Jimmy was a close relation of Christopher and Andrew McGinley of Mín an Aoire, a house which Jimmy often visited for a session of music. He always kept two fiddles hanging on his kitchen wall, one for himself and one for a visiting player. Also a fine storyteller, some of Jimmy’s seanchas was recorded in 1936 by Seán Ó hEochaidh who was working as a full-time collector with the Irish Folklore Commission.