Peter Ó hIghne (1885 – 1942)

(c.1885 – 26th January 1942)

Peter hIghne

Peter Ó hIghne

Peter Ó hIghne was born and reared in the townland of Cionn na Coilleadh but later married and settled in Mín na Draighin. He had a family with his first wife, Mary O’ Donnell from Rí Ard. She passed away at a young age and Peter was married a second time to Maggie O’Gara of Gleann Málainn. Peter always maintained his connection with Cionn na Coilleadh and was a regular playing partner of Jimmy Bhidi Mhici. His daughter, Kitty, recalls that almost every Sunday when she was young local fiddlers including Jimmy Bhidi Mhici, John Byrne, Paddy Hiúdaí O’Byrne and John Phadaí Chonchobhair would congregate in Peter’s house to play and talk about different versions of tunes. Peter worked as a tailor and travelled to fairs in south-west Donegal along with his brother, Paddy, where they sold their wares. He was highly regarded as a fiddler by Con McGinley, Anthony Hiudaí O’Byrne and other local players. Music associated with Peter is still played in the local tradition.