Eamonn Carr (1936 – 1987)

(22nd January 1936 – 29th August 1987) Eamonn was the second son of Mick and Mary Carr to pick up an instrument. He learned the melodeon from his…

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Danny Ward (1907 – 1995)

(17th March 1907 – 5th June 1995) Like his brothers John, Alfonsus and Columba, Danny was born and reared on Main Street , An Charraig. As a young…

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Christopher McGinley (1889 – 1974)

(6th December 1889 – 12th November 1974) Like his younger brother, Andrew, Christopher (Christy) was born and reared in Mín an Aoire. He joined the priesthood and following…

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Andrew McGinley (1897 – 1934)

(29 April 1897 – 22 December 1934) Andrew (wee Andy) McGinley of Mín an Aoire was very highly regarded as a fiddle player. He formed an early playing…

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Phonsie Ward (1914 – 1993)

(2nd January 1914 – 12th November 1993) Alfonsus or Phonsie, was born in An Charraig on 2nd January 1914. From a young age he developed a love for…

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