Buíochas / Credits Lár na Paróiste

John Mhósaí McGinley James Byrne, Paddy O’Gara Denis O’Gara Denis O’Gara, Eddie & Paddy O’Gara, Eddie O’Gara Maeve Doogan, Francie McGinley, Brendan O’Gara Maggie O’Gara Maeve Doogan, Eddie…

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Paddy O’Gara (1994)

Paddy O'Gara

Paddy O’Gara (1921 – 13th October 1994) ‘I remember one night at a dance in Glen in a hall they call the Spink hall, do you know I…

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Paddy O’Gara (Senior) (18th / 19th century)

Fiddle Made By Condy Lyons

Paddy O’Gara (Senior) (18th / 19th century) It is believed that Paddy O’Gara was the first of the clan to set up home in Mín na bhFachrán sometime in…

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John McGinley (John Mhósaí)

John McGinley (John Mhósaí) John McGinley, or John Mhósaí as he is widely known, is very much associated with the townland of Loch Inseach but was in fact…

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Maureen O’Gara (1916 – )

Bridget and Maureen O'Gara

Maureen O’Gara (18th January 1916 – ) Maureen, the eldest of the O’Gara family was born at Mín na bhFachrán in 1916. She played the fiddle as a…

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Maggie O’Gara

Maggie O’Gara Maggie, the younger sister of Maureen was also a fine fiddle player in her early years. According to her brother Eddie, she played reels such as…

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Eddie O’Gara (1926 -)

Eddie O'Gara

Eddie O’Gara (7th June 1926 -) Eddie O’Gara, a son of Denis’, was born in Mín na bhFachrán in 1926. He learned to play the single row melodeon…

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Denis O’Gara (1868 -1945)

Denis O'Gara

Denis O’Gara (24th February 1868 – 3rd December 1945) Denis O’Gara, Mín na bhFachrán, learned much of his fiddle music from Paddy Mhósaí, a brother of John Mhósaí…

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Bridget O’Gara (1919 – )

Bridget O'Gara

Bridget O’Gara (21st January 1919 – ) Bridget played the accordion as a girl growing up in Mín na bhFachrán. She married John Doogan and settled in Leitir,…

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