Anthony O’Byrne (1927-2001)

Anthony Hiúdai Byrne (1927-2001)

Anthony Hiudaí O’Byrne

(18th February 1927 – 30th October 2001)

Anthony Hiudaí was the eldest child of Paddy Hiudaí and Kate of Mín na Croise. Although leaving home at fourteen years to attend second level college at Saint Enda’s, Galway, Anthony maintained a great memory and interest in the music and language of his native area. He graduated as a national school teacher from Saint Patricks College, Drumcondra and as he often said himself, ‘I taught in six counties and married a girl from none of the six’. Anthony and Moya settled in Ballyadams, County Laois and later Athy, County Kildare, where he was an integral part of the traditional music landscape. He had a good understanding of musical theory and like many of his generation and was a great admirer of both Michael Coleman and Sean McGuire. In 2008 he earned recognition for his deep passion for and involvement in his second great love, Gaelic Football with the opening of ‘Tony O’Byrne Park’ at Ballyadams, County Laois.