Patrick O’Byrne (1896 – 1967)

Paddy Hiúdaí Byrne

(26th June 1896 – 30th May 1967)

Patrick (Paddy Hiudaí O’Byrne) of Mín na Croise, a first cousin of Con McGinley was born in 1896, the same year as another cousin, neighbour, fiddler and close friend, John Byrne. Paddy inherited a shop from his father, Hiudaí, and perhaps the music from his mother, Kathleen, who was a sister of Condy McGinley‘s. He married Kate O’Gara of Coillte Feannaid and they had four children, three of whom survived. One of the family, Anthony, himself became a fiddler of note and settled in County Laois where he worked as a schoolteacher. Located on the roadside in Mín na Croise, Paddy’s house was remembered fondly as a meeting place for music, card playing and storytelling. A good fiddler himself, he was generous about passing on his repertoire and lore to his son, Anthony and also to James Byrne, his neighbour and second cousin. Tunes associated with Paddy include ‘The Dear Tobacco’ and ‘The Rising Sun’.

‘King Billy Rambles’ jig performed by Paddy Hiudaí & James Byrne