Paddy Gillespie (Paddy Dhonail) (1914-1992)

(6th January 1914 – 22nd November 1992 Paddy, a fiddle player, was married to Maggie McGinley, also from Mín na Croise. They had seven children together, one of whom,…

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Paddy Hiúdaí Byrne (1896-1967)

(26th June 1896 – 30th May 1967)  Paddy Hiúdaí Byrne of Mín na Croise, a first cousin of Con McGinley was born in 1896, the same year as…

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MICHAEL GILLESPIE (Micí Mhuiris) (Circa 1910-1979)

(Circa 1910 – 2nd November 1979) Michael, or Micí Mhuiris of Mín na Draighin was known locally as a melodeon player. His mother, Margaret Carr of Mín an Aoire…

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